Jamie Leo

Storyteller, with words & pics.

My practice spans multiple creative and marketing disciplines – design skills including branding, promo, UX design, typography, digital illustration; and writing for multiple channels and #platforms.

This extensive range is why I'm brought on for strategic, ideative, and tactical collaborations by leading corporations, academic institutions, non-profit organizations, and innovative startups.



Building stories.

Recently, I gave a speech on creativity in Tehran, hosted a breakout session at Creativity Week, mentored at Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum, and a tech hackathon hosted by Stanford Design School (also led a winning team at another hackathon in NYC), and gave a lecture on creativity at the State of Now Conference.

An Albee Fellow in writing, my works have been heard and seen in NYC and elsewhere; I've collaborated with leading creative artists, including Deb Margolin, Paul Clay, Sebastian Stuart, Lisa Kron, Chris Jordan, James Sellars, and Theodora Skipitares; I'm published in The Drama Review, HuffPo, OUT, and Resilience; I was a designer of B'way's RENT (plus many legendary downtown stage productions), award-winning video/theatrical design, art installations. And I stand as an advocate for health and social justice causes.

Additionally, I'm a frequent collaborator, adjudicator and evangelist in new media communities. Two new theatrical works are in development. I've been commissioned and am writing book and lyrics for a new musical. And then there are the art commissions I've been receiving, based on a new body of die-infused-pigment-on-aluminum artworks.  :)

Taking flight.

Thanks to ongoing collaborations with inspiring colleagues, when a project needs a particular skill-set, I know who to bring on board, so clients benefit from a responsive, top-drawer, made-to-order team of practitioners – resulting in smart ideas, through-cycle project management, and outstanding results.

Keeping informed on important trends, thinking, and technologies that impact communication, my active participation in conferences, industry panels, and awards adjudication is central to my practice.


The sky is no limit.

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